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Troubadour Wines is OPEN today and every day from midday till 10pm.

Troubadour Wines

In 2010 we were awarded the ‘Best Argentinean Wine Retailer of the Year’ due to our high quality and vastly comprehensive range of wines from the region, and we are honoured and proud to have received such esteem.
Our shop is perhaps comparable to such fantastical fantasies as Pandora’s (not so evil) Box, or Alice’s (not so hallucinatory) Wonderland, described as a ‘little treasure’ by an admirative senior member of the wine trade; what you find here you will take with you for the rest of time, unimaginable to a soul who has not yet discovered the mysteries carried within. If wine’s your thing, anyway.
We’ve got elixirs from numerous countries, including unusual ones like India, Luxembourg, and Slovakia, as well as the usual culprits such as Spain, New Zealand, Australia, and Lebanon, and we like to think we push somewhat of a specialist emphasis on those from France, Italy, and Argentina. This is obviously down to France and Italy being the most important creators of wine in the world, and Argentina being the most interesting in the new world, because of the variety and unpredictable creativity of its wine makers.

Our Philosophy

The Troubadour range of wines includes a generous supply of Classics (Sancerre, Brunello di Montalcino, Chablis, Sauternes, etc), but we also take special care in going the extra mile to find unique discoveries.
Atilio, with his 20+ years of experience is passionate to cater for those tired of the usual, and draw new excitement to the beauty of such a gentle pleasure that is the appreciation of fine wine. Of course we also love those little wines that give uncomplicated pleasure at very affordable prices, silent and loyal companions of everyday drinking.



Wine Tasting Evenings

Due to the continued success of our wine tastings and subsequent demand for more, we will be scheduling more tastings on a regular basis in The Troubadour Gallery.
We will take you on a relaxed and informal journey of wine discovery, with plenty of amusing anecdotes along the way. There will be no pomp or snobbery involved – you’ll come away with practical knowledge and a new understanding of wine. Over the evenings, we taste and discuss a substantial selection of wines (please don’t drive home) and, most importantly, we have fun. The wines are chosen following extensive research and are of a superior quality. Delicious nibbles are also provided.
If you have any interest in wine, whatever your level of expertise, you’ll find these evenings entertaining and informative. Please contact Atilio if you would like to know about future tastings.


 One of our previous tastings


“Great class! Lovely teacher! Inspired and informal…”
“Thank you for (the Champagne tasting) last night; very interesting evening and a huge amount of fun. I will definitely be along to another.”
– two of our previous participants.


The Wine Bar

 The Wine Bar is our calm alternative to the fast pace of the Café or the Club next door, a place of solace to enjoy a conversation with friends, good music and a nice glass or bottle of wine. This space is also available to hire for a private party – please call Susie or email to find more details!



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Opening Times:

Wine shop: 12pm – 10pm (everyday)
Wine bar: 6pm – 10pm (everyday) – with time to drink up afterwards!




Troubadour Feasts

These can only be described simply as extremely enjoyable, superbly hedonistic, epicurean evenings of gastronomic and oenological decadence (so there’s loads of food and wine basically). We choose a subject, say a region or a country, and we create a several course dinner, accompanied by several wines associated to the subject. You pay a fixed fee, and come ready to make new friends, indulge, and be treated to what we can only tell you will be unconditionally delicious joy.  Contact Atilio or Dylan for more info…